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Opening Microsoft Office Applications in Windows 7

Note: This tutorial demonstrates how to open Microsoft Power Point, but all other Office applications can be opened in essentially the same manner.

1. Click the Start button on the bottom left of the screen [fig. 1]. 

Microsoft Vista button

[fig. 1 - Start button]

2. Select All Programs located on the bottom of the Start menu [fig. 2].

Select All Programs

[fig. 2 - Select All Programs]

3. Select the Applications folder. Within that folder, select the Microsoft Office folder [fig. 3].

Select Applications then Microsoft Office

[fig. 3 - Select Applications > Microsoft Office]

4. A list of Microsoft programs appears. Select the program you want to use.

5. You may or may not see the following pop-up windows, but do NOT click "Cancel" on either of the following messages. The program should only take a few minutes to load. Allowing these processes to complete will prevent the pop-up windows from appearing again [fig. 4]. 

Windows Installer popup

Smart Board drivers popup

[fig. 4 - Possible installation pop-up windows]      

6. If you see the following error message after the Office program has been configured, click OK [fig. 5].

Windows Installer error popup

[fig. 5 - Click OK to close the error message]

7. If you open PowerPoint, you might see a window that says, "Welcome to Camtasia Studio PowerPoint Add-In." Click OK [fig. 6]. Note: you may also see a smaller pop-up message regarding name and initials. The fields are already filled out and you can just click OK to close the pop-up window.

Camtasia PowerPoint add-in popup

[fig. 6 - Click OK to close the pop-up window]

8. To open your presentation or document, click the Office menu button on the top left program [fig. 7].

Office menu button

[fig. 7 - Office menu button]

9. The Office menu appears [fig. 8], where you may perform all of your file operations such as "Open," "Save As," "Print", etc.

Office menu

[fig 8 - Office menu]
Please contact Instructional Media Services if you have any problems opening applications on a classroom computer.